Twitter is the best for me

I get my news

One two three. 
I don’t have to wait

For evenings at seven

Or six or ten

Or, God forbid, eleven. 
I pick up my iPhone

It’s simple you see

No straining with newsprint

No waste, no fees. 
No cost whatsoever 

To get my news fast

Why wait for a reporter

To send out a blast. 
I want to know now.  

No patience have I 

To read lengthy stories

To strain my old eyes. 
I pick up my phone

I click on my app

Getting my headlines

Is really a snap. 
I get quite enough

Of news that I need

I don’t have to wade through 

Dribble you see. 
I don’t want opinion

Or spin on a story

Give me the facts

Not allegory. 
I’ll take my news

Dumbed down with ease

I just want your tweet

140 words please. 

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