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Call Me Ella


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“I cried, I laughed, I enjoyed. I was sadden by the fact that one can go through life not knowing their roots. It was a great read. “

“A compassionate tale of loneliness and determination to make oneself whole. I was touched by Joanie’s story as she suffered as a child and prevailed as an adult to find peace within herself. Her journey brought me to tears. “



More than just one woman’s search for information about the biological mother she believed had died in childbirth, this book explores the mind and feelings of an adopted child. Call Me Ella is a heartwarming and uplifting story about a young girl who considered her adoptive parents her “real parents,” yet wanted to know more. She wanted to know her roots. Her heritage. With a burning desire to have someone who “looked like her,” she couldn’t wait to marry and have children of her own. She had no idea that her twenty-four year search, which did not begin until after both of her parents had passed away, would involve Sopranos-like tales of organized crime, gambling, and infidelity.

Call Me Ella is a memoir of love, family, loss and perseverance. It shows how we can work to achieve our happy endings.

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