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The Confused Vegetarian

Is it just me? Or does anyone else think it’s strange to offer bacon on a Gardenburger?

I asked if it would be possible to pay less than full price for my Gardenburger since I did not want the mandatory cheese and bacon. “Yes,” the nice server agreed. “I’ll go check to see if we can prepare for you a Gardenburger with just lettuce and tomato,” she said.
“Oh, thank you so much. ” I responded.

Why was I  looking forward to a vegetarian meal in a restaurant that served almost everything with bacon? I know it’s silly but they specifically listed Gardenburger on the menu. Since that’s where everyone wanted to eat I was a sport. I’m good at rolling with the punches. I was still optimistic. I even got excited when she offered healthy broccoli instead of the fries.


Anticipation. Out comes my plate. The broccoli looks fresh. Yum. But the burger doesn’t look right or smell right.

Turkey Burger

“Would they cook this on the grill with the bacon and burgers?” I ask my server who seems to be losing patience with me.

“Of course” my server responds, smiling. Now she’s looking at me like I just stepped off the boat.

I look at my burger again. Being vegetarian for two years I know what a Gardenburger looks like. I touch the patty. “OMG, this is beef! ” I send it back.

The server comes back a few minutes later, laughing. “It wasn’t beef, it was turkey.”

It’s funny when people ask about vegetarianism. “Does that mean you don’t eat fish and chicken?” They ask.

Hummm. I think we need to work on educating the service industry.

Being a real trooper, I ordered a flatbread pizza. What I won’t do for my family:)


It was yummy.
By the way,  “I don’t eat anything with a face. “